IonoStar Molar Glass Ionomer Restorative

Posted on February 7, 2017

IonoStar Molar is a newly developed glass ionomer restorative with improved characteristics that include non-stick handling, adjustable material consistency and immediate packability to create better results for both the practitioner and the patient.  

IonoStar Molar can be condensed, modeled and shapedimmediately after insertion and cures within four minutes. Its adjustable consistency allows the practitioner flexibility to customize the feel (softer or firmer) they require while maintaining IonoStar Molar’s initial wettability for maximum marginal adaptability. 

Offering a high level of fluoride release, IonoStar Molar is available in VOCO’s new easy-to-use direct activation application capsule that fits virtually all branded glass ionomer applicators. Its combined enhancements offer a clinical solution that reduces practitioner headaches, reduces procedural time, increases overall quality care for the patient and allows for flexibility to meet various clinical demands and preferences.

Source: VOCO America

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