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Ivoclar Partners with 3Shape on Software

Posted on Monday, January 30, 2017

Ivoclar Vivadent, through its partnership with 3Shape, will now offer Implant Studio—a powerful implant surgical planning and surgical guide design software package—to laboratories worldwide.

Implant Studio enables laboratories to use CB/CT scans, combined with intraoral or model scans, to plan implant surgical procedures and then design a surgical guide based on that planning. In addition, Implant Studio seamlessly integrates with 3Shape’s Abutment Designer and Dental Designer, giving laboratories the ability to provide a comprehensive implant solution—from surgical planning to final prosthesis—to their dentist clients, using a single software platform.

Depending on the case requirements, Ivoclar Vivadent offers a range of material solutions to satisfy the clinician’s needs, from IPS e.max Press Hybrid Abutments, Zenostar T and MT Zirconia, to IPS e.max CAD or Press. By matching Ivoclar Vivadent’s proven materials with 3Shape’s powerful and efficient Implant Studio, laboratories can now offer solutions to challenging implant cases in a way never before possible.

Planning Implant Placement

Using patient CB/CT scans and intraoral scans (or traditional impressions), laboratories and clinicians can use Implant Studio to cooperatively plan the implant surgery in both partially and fully edentulous cases.

In Implant Studio the virtual implant can be viewed from every possible angle to ensure proper placement, the inferior alveolar nerve can be identified and marked, and any other pertinent anatomical elements can be taken into consideration during the planning process. A robust library of virtual implants is available to ensure that the plan matches existing products from today’s implant manufacturers.

Designing Implant Surgical Guides

With Implant Studio, tooth-supported or fully edentulous guides can be designed and then 3D printed or milled. Viewing windows, support bars, and identification tags can all be added to the final guide, and the guide can be designed for either pilot, universal, or fully guided drilling procedures. A large library of guide sleeves is also available for the laboratory to choose from.

Prosthetic Driven Planning

Implant Studio’s ability to design a virtual “reference” crown during the implant planning stage means that dentists and patients can both rest assured that the Implant placement was carried out with an optimal final prosthesis in mind. And, using 3Shape’s highly accurate “three-point” alignment function, clinicians can be sure that the guide will match the surgical plan exactly.

A comprehensive one-day training on Implant Studio is provided at Ivoclar Vivadent in Troy, Michigan, with the purchase of the software module.

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