OPEN WIDE(R): A Guide to Smile and Facial Aesthetics to Enhance Your Confidence, Appearance, and Overall Health

Posted on January 3, 2017

Dental pioneer Dr. Larry Rosenthal reimagined dentistry as a visual art, transforming the practice of Aesthetic Dentistry, simplifying new approaches to dental care that begin with a beautiful smile and facial enhancement and expand to help eliminate disease, improve anti-aging vigor, and reduce long-term healthcare problems. He invented the Smile Lift, his “non-surgical facelift” that helps us look our best, raising self-esteem without surgery and completed in a day or two.

Now, in his new book OPEN WIDE(R): A Guide to Smile and Facial Aesthetics to Enhance Your Confidence, Appearance, and Overall Health (Rosetta Books; January 17, 2017; $27.99), Dr. Larry Rosenthal breaks down the myths, deceptions, and misconceptions about dental care and empowers you to take charge of your smile and the lifelong health you’ve always wanted and needed.

Dr. Larry, as his patients call him, reveals how our mouth and teeth health can significantly influence our overall health, including an array of problems like sleep apnea, snoring, chronic head and neck pain, TMD and heart disease. Tooth health also can influence oxygen intake, affecting our immune system, which can be related to misdiagnosed attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Offering insights and news about treatments and convenience that many consumers are not yet aware of, in OPEN WIDE(R) Dr. Larry discusses, among many topics:

·       The Smile Lift– A “non-surgical facelift” that Dr. Larry and his “Dream Team” achieve with proper lip support, smile balance and facial enhancement, as well as anti-aging implementation— it also combats the sunken-face syndrome that can be common when we age, taking a decade off one’s visage noninvasively and painlessly

·       The Trial Smile– A cool way to try before you buy; using provisionals, a dentist can demonstrate a wider, fuller smile on one side, and a more subtle, softer smile on the other, with variations in color and shading, to help patients in the decision making

·       A Smile Literally Increases Your Face Value— It boosts your immune system, increases your endorphins, so you feel better and your self-confidence rises; visually, others attribute you with intelligence, and higher employment value

·       “Designing Your Smile”– Less invasive than crowns, porcelain veneers can result in a dramatic overall change in facial appearance, covering minor chips, cracks, or striations in the enamel, closing small gaps, and restoring tooth color or worn-down or crooked teeth

·       How “Bleach Junkies” Do Harm– Over-bleaching causes their teeth to be brittle and crack

·       The Parent’s Responsibility– Proactive steps to take to now with children to prevent major adult problems

·       The Artistry of Dentistry from Prep-Less, Minimal Invasive Dentistry to Full Reconstruction; prep-less means painless, little-or-no-drilling procedures that maintain as much tooth structure as possible

·       A Visual Guide to the Smile Assessment– What you should be looking for and asking your dentist about

·       Health Dentistry– How it applies to anti-aging and it’s correlation to heart disease, head and neck pain, maximum oxygen intake, and snoring

Informative and inspiring, Dr. Larry Rosenthal’s OPEN WIDE(R) is a valuable consumer handbook to getting optimal dental care and an intriguing look into the latest advantages in modern dentistry. It will have people across the country smiling.

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