Announcing the “Multidisciplinary Treatment Solutions for Peri-Implantitis” Symposium 

Posted on December 15, 2016

Geistlich Pharma North America, Inc. is proud to announce with their symposium sponsors an interactive and didactic program covering topics around peri-implantitis. This three-day event will feature a surgical and non-surgical hands-on workshop as well as general sessions from world-class presenters. Come learn from leaders in our industry with expertise on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment in peri-implantitis complications. This multidisciplinary symposium is for all dental professionals who are responsible or interested in the placement, maintenance, restoration and preservation of dental implants. 

We encourage you to learn more about this program by visiting the following website: https://www.geistlich-na.com/en-us/events/symposium/peri-implantitis-symposium/

Global exchange of high-level ideas and information will be carried throughout the event. The hands-on workshops, on Friday, June 9th, will be limited in attendance and are sure to sell out quickly. These interactive programs will review “Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy,” presented by Dr. Marisa Roncati of Italy and “Corrections for the Prevention and Management of Peri-Implant Diseases,” presented by Prof. Dr. Frank Schwarz of Germany. 

General Sessions will commence on Saturday, June 10th and Sunday, June 11th and will include topics such as: 

“Prevent Peri-Implantitis and Plan for Long- Term Success” presented by Dr. Myron Nevins - USA 

“Identifying Factors Associated with Peri-Implant Bone Loss” presented by Dr. Paul Rosen - USA 

“Surgical Regenerative Therapy of Peri-Implantitis” presented by Prof. Dr. Frank Schwarz - Germany 

“Managing Peri-Implant Disease From a Laser Perspective” presented by Dr. Sam Low - USA 

“Peri-Implant Diseases: Understanding Etiology and Risk” presented by Dr. Joseph Fiorellini - USA 

“A Regenerative Algorithm for the Treatment of Peri-Implantitis” presented by Dr. Stuart Froum - USA 

“Peri-Implantitis Associated with Machined or Rough Surfaces” presented by Dr. Massimo Simion - Italy 

“Peri-Implant Disease and the Restorative Dentist”, presented by Dr. Chandur Wadhwani - USA 

“Is it Possible to Restore the Complete Health Around Implants Affected from Peri-Implant Disease?” presented by Dr. Marco Ronda - Italy 

“What Role Does the Restoration of Implants Play in Peri-Implantitis?” presented by Dr. Stephen Chu - USA 

More details on the symposium can be found at symposium.geistlich-na.com. We hope to see you there! 




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