PDT, Inc. Adds Crown Removing Pliers to Surgical Instrument Lineup

Posted on November 21, 2016

Paradise Dental Technologies announced the addition of Crown Removing Pliers to their Surgical Instruments product line. This new addition allows PDT to offer customers a more complete line of surgical instruments crafted with PDT's signature attention to quality and ergonomic comfort.

PDT's Crown Removing Pliers allow dentists the ability to remove upper and lower crowns and bridges using tips that provide a solid grip without damaging metal, resin, or ceramic surfaces. Additionally, PDT's adhesive powder can be used with the pliers to increase grip.

The new Crown Removing Pliers can be ordered on their own with a single set of replaceable tips, or can be ordered as part of a kit that contains a set of pliers, five sets of replacement tips, and 10g of Adhesive Powder. Additional replacement tips and adhesive powder can be ordered as needed.

Introduced in 2016, PDT's Surgical Instruments add the quality and ergonomic comfort their oral hygiene line is known for to instruments that are vital to dentists around the world. For a full product lineup and ordering information, please visit www.pdtdental.com.

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