Planmeca Announces New “Connected” Dental Consoles at GNYDM

Posted on November 17, 2016

November 17, 2016—Dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca Oy offers a solution to a problem facing many practices: how to help clinicians work more efficiently in the footprint of their existing office. 

Connected technology, and efficient environments combined with clever organization are the answer – and Planmeca Evolution Dental consoles provide the solution. Our new line of Evolution Consoles including the Evolution 12 O’Clock, Evolution Central Island Console, and Evolution Side Console all feature quick and easy integration of modern technology. Offering Ethernet and 3.0 USB connections, PlanScan® (digital scanner) integration, CPU storage, LED lighting, and medical grade duplex GFCI outlets, these digital, and up-to-the-minute enhancements aid the clinician’s workflow and information processing. Evolution console features are unmatched by standard dental cabinetry. 

Flexibility, expandability and antiseptic measures were all incorporated to the Evolution line of console design. With clinician-requested features including: LED lighting, durable Corian® work surfaces, powder coated steel bases, writing shelf, pass-thru X-Ray apron, X-Ray safety door lock, and soft-close drawers/doors, Evolution consoles are feature-loaded to meet the needs of contemporary operatory environments.

“Today’s modern dental offices need the integration and flexibility for technology assimilation,” states Tetsuya Shimabuku, Planmeca Product Manager. “Dental cabinetry has evolved from simple storage to console platforms designed to increase efficiency and allow clinicians to create their optimal workflow process,” Shimabuku added.

Dentistry is rapidly embracing digital technology. Planmeca Evolution Consoles are the cutting edge of modular storageintroducing digital connectivity to the operatory space. Planmeca Evolution consoles are designed to accommodate present “connected” needs, but are expandable with an eye toward adapting future technology.

To learn more about Planmeca Evolution Dental Consoles, please check out Planmeca Evolution Dental Cabinetry for the latest product images and details.

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