First TRIOS Scan Sent for Invisalign

Posted on October 26, 2016

Danish dentist Dr. Nimmi Holstein has become the first 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanner user to submit a patient scan as part of the Invisalign® case submission process.

3Shape announced earlier this year that TRIOS could be used for Invisalign case submissions upon completion of the final validation process with Align Technology, maker of the Invisalign system. Now the validation process has been completed.

As a result, Holstein, a longtime Invisalign provider and the first dentist to take the TRIOS for Invisalign online training program, became the first dentist to submit a TRIOS patient scan as part of the Invisalign case submission process.

“Having worked with the Invisalign system for a long time, it was important to me that I could continue working with Invisalign products, even after switching from PVS to a TRIOS intraoral scanner," Holstein says. "3Shape and Align Technology are leaders in their respective fields and it is terrific that the two have worked together to make this happen. There are many doctors out there that will be very glad to know the connection is up and running."

To use the TRIOS scanner to send scans for Invisalign case submission, dentists need to first complete 3Shape’s mandatory online training program. The program is open to all Invisalign providers using TRIOS Standard, TRIOS Color, and TRIOS 3/TRIOS 3 Mono models. Upon completion of the short program, TRIOS users can send scans for Invisalign case submission free of charge.

Participants in the TRIOS for Invisalign training program are being on-boarded in groups based on when they register, on a first-come, first-served basis. Registered dentists can expect a personal invitation to the training program within the next 6 weeks.

To discover more about TRIOS and Invisalign case submissions, go to https://www.3shape.com/invisalign.

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