LC 3DPrint Box: Getting the Most Out of 3D Printed Objects

Posted on October 1, 2016

Post-curing of 3D printed elements is necessary to achieve full monomer conversion, which is important for different reasons. First of all, the process minimizes the amount of residual monomer in the material and thus ensures its biocompatibility. Furthermore, beneficial mechanical properties such as a high strength and long-term stability of the printed elements are obtained only after post-curing.

Even enthusiastic hobbyists want to leverage these benefits. Due to the lack of affordable curing units, they simply expose their printed toys or everyday objects to sunlight for several hours or put them under UV lamps usually used in nail salons. These solutions obviously do not provide reliability. Certainly not the reliability needed in the dental office or laboratory. Dental applications require the use of professional equipment that ensures a uniform light distribution and controlled temperature, and offer a full light spectrum (300 to 550 nm wavelength is obligatory).

The LC 3DPrint Box does not only offer the desired features combined with a noiseless operation, but also enables the user to set individual exposure times. Due to the spacious inside (dimensions: 26 cm x 26 cm x 19.5 cm), it is possible to cure several objects at once, so that the procedure becomes highly efficient. With all those benefits, the box is by far less expensive than other UV light boxes used in dentistry. This is possible since the new device is based on an innovative post-processing technique that does not require additional nitrogen - a fact that facilitates cost reductions and contributes to a simplified integration into the office or laboratory.

The box can be used to post-cure various resins including the complete range of NextDent 3D printing materials. These include materials with a Class IIa certification for the production of bite splints, denture bases and crowns & bridges, Class I materials used to manufacture surgical guides, indirect bonding trays etc. and different model and cast materials. More information about NextDent products is available at



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