Great Lakes Introduces Rhea Precision Custom-fit Occlusal Appliance

Posted on September 21, 2016

Exclusively from Great Lakes, the Rhea™ occlusal appliance is the solution to poor-fitting, uncomfortable splints. Significantly different, the Rhea appliance combines the accuracy of a laboratory-made splint with the ease of a boil and bite appliance. The appliance is fabricated with material unlike any other heat-softening material on the market and uses an innovative manufacturing process to provide exceptional fit, retention, and patient comfort. 

Rather than simply softening to temporarily engage undercuts, the Rhea appliance will actually re-form to subtle differences in the patient’s dentition, and compensate for slight inaccuracies in impressions and the deformities caused by plaster expansion.

Rhea Occlusal Appliances are custom-formed to original models, and as a result, chairside seating is only necessary to fine-tune fit, and adjust for minor variations. Rhea is available as a Wearguard, Flat Occlusal Plane, or Full Contact with Anterior Guidance splint.

For more information about Rhea occlusal appliances, contact Great Lakes laboratory customer service at 800.828.7626 or visit our website at



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