HK Announces New Scrap Metal Shipping

Posted on September 13, 2016

Heraeus Kulzer Precious Metal Refining announced that its new AutoShip program is designed to make it dramatically easier for dental practices and laboratories to take advantage of the industry’s highest scrap metal payouts.

The AutoShip program comprises four simple steps:

1. The customer selects a preferred container size, delivery date, and monthly delivery frequency at

2. The chosen container will automatically arrive on the customer’s doorstep in future months at the customer’s chosen frequency. Upon receipt, customers simply place their scrap and the form in the container and attach the prepaid UPS label.

3. The customer drops off the container at a UPS location or schedules a pickup at

4. The customer receives an assay report and payout in 7-10 business days.

At, customers may choose from five container sizes ranging from a mailer with 5-ounce capacity to a 30-gallon drum with a 300-pound capacity. Customers also indicate the date they would like the shipping container to arrive, and how often they would like additional containers to arrive in the future.

“We have always set the industry standard for the highest possible scrap metal payouts for dental practices and dental laboratories,” says Ched Hawthorne, Heraeus Kulzer senior product manager. “With our new AutoShip program, we will now now create a new industry standard for customer convenience.”

As one of the world's largest private refiners, Heraeus Kulzer Precious Metal Refining uses state-of-the-art technology to heat, melt, separate, and analyze its customers’ precious metals in one location using a Triple Core Analysis process to determine the precise amount of precious metal in the scrap. The company then provides a full assay report utilizing the ICP-AES method to give its customers the most accurate, highest return possible.

One reason customers maximize their return with Heraeus Kulzer Precious Metal Refining is that the fees it charges are often less than one-third the fees charged by other direct refiners, and less than one-fourth the fees charged by middlemen.

“Refining their scrap precious metal with us on a regular basis can generate a real windfall for our customers. Unfortunately, many other dental practices and laboratories have given into the temptation to take ‘fast cash’ when middlemen make a sales call, which means dramatically lower payouts than they would get from us,” Hawthorne says. “Now with our AutoShip program, it’s easier than ever for these customers to earn the thousands of dollars in annual precious metal revenues that they deserve.”

To learn more about Heraeus Kulzer Precious Metal Refining, visit For additional information on Heraeus Kulzer and the company’s product range, visit

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