Brasseler USA Introduces VersaFlex Diamond-Coated Disposable Polishers

Posted on August 19, 2016

Brasseler USA®, a leading manufacturer of innovative, quality dental instrumentation, introduces an innovative new spin on basic, plastic snap-on polishers with the new VersaFlex diamond-coated disposable polishing system. Unlike traditional Mylar® (plastic) polishers, VersaFlex is outfitted with a durable diamond coating that provides numerous advantages over traditional aluminum oxide-coated polishers.   

VersaFlex’s diamond coating delivers unprecedented results. It gently yet effectively smooths all surface irregularities; powerfully and effortlessly eliminating rough exterior areas caused by  adjusting and finishing while leaving behind a high-gloss, aesthetically pleasing exterior on any restorative material.

The flexible design of VersaFlex easily conforms to the individual contours of each tooth, providing unrestricted access to even hard-to-reach locations, such as tight interproximal areas, for a thorough finish every time. In addition, VersaFlex works well on a wide variety of restorative materials, including composites, all-ceramic materials and metal restorations.

Two diamond-coated Mylar strips are included in the VersaFlex four-step polishing system and each single-sided strip is outfitted with two diamond-abrasive grit choices: super-coarse/coarse or medium/fine. To fulfill a variety of individual restorative requirements, VersaFlex polishers are also available in two sizes: 12mm and 10mm. Each polishing disc seamlessly snaps onto either a right-angle latch or straight low-speed handpiece mandrel.

For more information about the new VersaFlex and all Brasseler USA products and services, please visit www.BrasselerUSA.comor call 800-841-4522 today.

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