Zest Anchors Announces Name Change to Zest Dental Solutions

Posted on August 18, 2016

Carlsbad, CA – (August 16, 2016) – Zest Anchors, regarded as a global leader and pioneer in the design and manufacturing of overdenture treatment technologies, today unveiled Zest Dental Solutions as its new company name reflecting both the evolution the company has realized and its vision for the future.

For nearly 40 years, Zest Anchors has focused on improving the lives of edentulous patients throughout the world with innovative, functional products for overdenture treatment. The company’s flagship product, the LOCATOR® Attachment System, continues to be recognized by the implant industry, clinicians and patients as the most trusted brand for overdenture restorations. Never remaining idle, the company set its sights on providing more patient solutions by introducing a line of narrow diameter dental implants, the CHAIRSIDE® Product Portfolio consisting of dental tools and materials for overdenture modification and processing, and the next generation LOCATOR R-Tx™ Removable Attachment System. The company will enter the fixed full arch restoration segment with its innovative LOCATOR F-Tx™ Fixed Attachment System with a commercial launch slated for Q4. In early 2016, further expanding the breadth of its product portfolio, the company acquired Danville Materials, a leading manufacturer of restorative consumables, small equipment, and unique minimally invasive treatment solutions such as Perioscopy. This acquisition propels and positions Zest as a company that offers product solutions for a continuum of patient care from preservation of natural teeth to edentulous treatment options.

Zest’s success and evolution has led it to be much more than just an “Anchors” company deserving of a name that mirrors its vision for the future. It is for this reason that Zest Anchors, Danville Materials, and the Perioscopy product portfolios will all roll up under the umbrella company name Zest Dental Solutions, with the new name reflecting the diversity of the product portfolio and positioning the company for continued growth and future expansion. As a result of this growth and expansion, Zest Dental Solutions (zestdent.com) has moved into a new 46,000 square foot Corporate Headquarters located in Carlsbad, California. Zest Dental Solutions total facility footprint will be in excess of 75,000 square feet.

“Customers and patients have come to know and trust Zest for delivering high quality products that work”, said Steve Schiess, Zest Dental Solutions CEO. “Adding Dental Solutions to the name not only reinforces Zest as a solutions based company, it shows our valued customers that the company is committed to continuing its innovative spirit by delivering future solutions to meet their needs.”

For more information about Zest Dental Solutions new branding, or information about the new Corporate Headquarters, please visit our website at www.zestdent.com.


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