Top Online Marketing Firm Partners with Teeth Tomorrow Network

Posted on August 15, 2016

The Teeth Tomorrow® Network proudly announces a partnership with Einstein Medical, a division of Einstein Industries - the country’s preeminent online marketing company for elective healthcare professionals since 1995. Einstein will be providing Teeth Tomorrow® Network members with optimized websites, social media outreach, and digital marketing solutions to promote each practice within its protected geographic territory. 

“Working with Einstein for the last 10 years has been a major part of our practice's growth.”, says Dr. Michael Tischler, the network’s founder and implant editor of Dentistry Today. “Our mission is support every aspect of our members’ implant practices, so they can spend less time managing the business, and devote more time to their patients,” Dr. Tischler continues, “The SEO strategy implemented by the team at Einstein has translated into a major presence on the web for our practice, and will be a driving force for business growth for network members.” 

Einstein Medical’s Dental Sales Director Michael Berman said: “Einstein Industries has been in the vanguard of online marketing since the early days of the Internet. Our formula for success is simple: an unwavering commitment to providing ethical and data-supported online strategies alongside innovative, proprietary technologies for the healthcare industry. We understand the challenges dentist face in today’s market and help them ethically take advantage of emerging opportunities when they arise, such as Dr. Tischler’s innovative Teeth Tomorrow program.” 

“Teeth Tomorrow® provides our members with a proven process to grow practice revenue, while best serving patients,” states Richard Stone, Director of Network Services. “Our unique clinical solution, backed by comprehensive lab support, is driven by the promotion of our national brand through media platforms that deliver pre-qualified patients. Each franchise territory has been defined using state-of-the-art market intelligence from IntelleVue to confirm population demographics support the business model. Our global branding campaign from Ellenbogen Creative Media produces national reach with local results for Network Implant Dentists.” 

The Teeth Tomorrow® Network is the only National US dental franchise dedicated to full arch zirconia as the final product. Network membership is only granted to carefully selected practices committed to providing advanced dental implant reconstruction services, and is limited to 250 exclusive market territories. 

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