TEREC, NA Holds Spring 2016 Meeting

Posted on July 7, 2016

Louisville, Kentucky was host to the TEREC, NA association - a strategic alliance of leading North America independently owned dental laboratories.

TEREC NA continues to reach out to the leading companies and associations in the world for the latest in technology, manufacturing and industry trends.  At their May meeting in Louisville, TEREC members had the privilege of touring member Derby Dental Laboratory’s new state of the art facility.

“Reed and David Nunnally, and the entire staff at Derby graciously welcomed the TEREC members and openly shared information regarding all facets of their dental laboratory and the process they went through in designing a new facility.”  Kris Van Cleve, President, Dental Prosthetics Services, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Chris Frye, and Stuart and Anne Steinbock from Whip Mix gave a presentation on 3D printing and the dental industry.

Barry Diener and Weng Lam from Stratasys gave an overview of the Stratasys additive manufacturing solutions and technologies.

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