Knight Dental Invests in Thompson Suburban Dental Lab

Posted on June 27, 2016

Knight Dental Group, Inc. announced the completion of a 100 percent equity investment in Thompson Suburban Dental Laboratories, Inc. This transaction was completed on June 1, 2016.  

The recent acquisition will strengthen Knight’s presence in the North Eastern US which began with the acquisitions of Astor Dental Studio, Lema Dental Laboratory and Regal Technologies in the New York area.

“With the completion of the Thompson Suburban acquisition, we have established a stronger presence in a major dental market in the US eastern corridor. We are pleased to welcome our new Thompson Suburban team and grateful to have the leadership of William (Bill) Grill, CDT in our Senior Management Team” said Warren Rogers, CEO of Knight Dental Group.

“We are excited about our future with the Knight Dental Group and look forward to our partnership and moving forward. We share a common goal of delivering high quality dental device solutions and services to the dental community in North America. The partnership will give Thompson Suburban an opportunity to grow our brand in all regions of the country” said William (Bill) Grill, President of Thompson Suburban.

“This strategic investment of Thompson Suburban in a key region of the United States and Knight’s recent acquisitions of Barron’s and Bavo Dental Laboratories will position us as a leading and growing Dental Laboratory group. We will continue our plans to be a market leader in the North American sector and investing in strategically placed high quality dental laboratories” said Harmeet Bindra, Leixir Private Holdings CEO.

Thompson Suburban will serve as the Implant Center of Excellence as well as a Mid-Atlantic Regional Hub for the Group.

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