New Americo Dry Mouth Nightguard System

Posted on June 22, 2016

New from Great Lakes, the Americo Dry Mouth Nightguard System is designed to protect teeth from the effects of abnormal dry mouth, and prevent permanent periodontal damage during sleep. The custom-made upper and lower appliance trays are fabricated to fit comfortably and hold a specially-formulated gel that increases salivary flow to protect tooth enamel. The Dry Mouth Nightguard Gel contains Xylitol, an anti-cariogenic agent that consistently maintains moisture around the teeth and gums throughout the night, reduces dental decay, plaque formation and bacteria growth; and decreases the risk of oral infection.

The Americo System, invented by Dr. Americo Fernandes of Winnipeg, Canada, includes an upper and lower appliance tray, Dry Mouth Nightguard Gel, appliance case, and application brush.

For more information about the Americo Dry Mouth Nightguard System, contact Great Lakes laboratory customer service at 800.828.7626 or visit our website at  

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