Dennis Urban, CDT Teaches VITA Denture Course

Posted on May 25, 2016


In the competitive world of aesthetic restorations, details matter. In VITA’s Premium Denture course, participants learned the technical and business side of implant retained dentures from well-known instructor, trainer and author, Dennis Urban, CDT. Urban shared exclusive techniques on waxing, processing and finishing. “One technique I shared is a characteristic wax-up process which makes a wax try-in look exactly like a finished denture,” he says. “Because this procedure creates so much value for the patient and dentist, lab owners can charge a higher price for the final case.”

Students learned the most profitable techniques for a variety of restorations, including all-on-4®, all-on-6, implant hybrid cases, implant overdentures and case planning methods. “My goal was to learn more about the all-on-4 denture implant technique,” says Danny Leeseman, MDT, owner of Valley Dental in Chico, CA. “The instructor did an excellent job of explaining the process and showed us how to use his custom microwaving technique to reduce curing time from hours to minutes. I was able to apply it in my own lab the next week.”

Taking place in VITA North America’s new state-of-the-art Training Center, attendees focused on proper case planning and learned to correct common setup mistakes. “A common mistake that technicians make is underestimating the importance and strategy of a proper setup technique for denture teeth,” says Urban. “By the end of this course, participants were able to identify the different types of occlusions much better and perfect their setup technique.” Efficient waxing and finishing techniques were also reviewed, while protocol and procedures on implant overdentures, hybrid cases and all-on-4 and all-on-6 conversions were also covered. Urban encouraged participants to implement the techniques they learned to impact their bottom line. “To build a more profitable business, I tell technicians they can’t skimp on materials,” he says. “If they use top quality materials and the best processing techniques, then they can approach the doctors they work with for higher fees.”

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Participants (L to R):

Skyler LaFreniere (VITA), Oscar Macedo (San Diego Dental, San Diego CA), Lisa Graye (VITA), Matt O’Connell (President VITA NA), Cirenia Garcia (Nash Dental Lab, Temecula CA), Javier San Martin, CDT (Custom Craft Dental Lab, Sylmar CA), Pamela Place (Nash Dental Lab, Temecula CA),Chris Horny, CDT (CAD Dental Lab, Glendale CA), Dennis Urban, CDT (Instructor), Manuk Kuyumjyan (Master Lab Inc, Burbank CA), Dr. Cyrus Bandary (Cyrus Bandary, DMD, Woodland Hills CA), Artak Badalyan (Dental Art Group, Burbank CA), Danny Leeseman, CDT (Valley Dental Lab, Chico CA), Havsep Hovakimyan (Master Lab Inc, Burbank CA), Richard Vicente (Vicente Dental Lab, Newark CA), Darin Wise (VITA), Miguel Monterroza (Valley Dental Lab, Bakersfield CA)

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