S-Ray Announces Images of Full Arch Scans Available on Company Website

Posted on May 17, 2016

Redmond, Wash. – May 16, 2016

S-Ray Incorporated is pleased to announce the release of new 3-D images on the company’s website.

The 3D images result from full arch scans completed using S-Ray’s ultrasound technology and its Latitude software. The work on the two images – one of an upper arch, the other of a lower arch – was completed in the company’s Redmond, Washington, R&D lab and represents major developments in the company’s product development.

Images produced in S-Ray’s lab using this system can be viewed on the company’s website – www.s-rayinc.com.  As further refinements are made, S-Ray will continue to update the page with new images.

“Our first public display of these images marks a milestone for S-Ray as a company and for the use of ultrasound as an accurate, convenient, and cost effective method for imaging of dental structures,” remarked S-Ray CEO Steve Baird. “This, combined with our high accuracy as validated by third parties, positions us to disrupt the dental imaging space very soon.”

The developments of the past several months have been led by Dr. Scott Parker, S-Ray’s executive vice-president, and a team of engineers and technicians. Together, they have worked to develop and refine a software system intended to fully automate the scanning process. This comprehensive process includes: activating the system, initiating the scan, collecting the data and then outputting the data as a 3D image file. S-Ray’s technology has now developed to the point where its software system can complete a fully integrated scan of a specific target at the push of a button – with the final result being a generated 3D image. 

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