SCAD Now Accepting Applications for CDT Awards

Posted on April 18, 2016



Vita North America Serving as General Sponsor for 2016 SCAD Event

The Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry (SCAD) has announced that applications are now being accepted for the prestigious Larsen Chu Award (open to dental technicians with less than 10 years of experience) and the Virtuoso Award (open to dental technicians with more than 10 years of experience). The submission deadline is August 10 and all are encouraged to apply.

Winners will be announced and honored at the annual SCAD event hosted in Chicago in October, where VITA North America is once again serving as the general sponsor. The eighth-annual SCAD conference event will feature high quality, evidence-based information on color-related issues in dentistry presented by some of the industry’s foremost leaders. VITA Zahnfabrik will also organize and pay for a three-day complimentary visit and hands-on training at the company’s headquarters in Bad Säckingen, Germany for both CDT Award winners.

Last year’s SCAD Award recipients included Dr. Natalie Pereira Sanchez of the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston, who received the 2015 SCAD VITA Research Award, Mr. Ryan Sungmin Lim, who received the 2015 Larsen Chu Award and Mr. Nori Kawada, who accepted the 2015 Virtuoso Award.

VITA North America has been a provider of innovative dental products since 1985 and is the North American subsidiary of VITA, manufacturer of the internationally recognized Classical Shade Guide, 3D-Master Shade System, Easyshade V, VITA ENAMIC and other quality VITA restorative materials. For more information on VITA, call 800-828-3839 or visit

SCAD leadership and presenters during the President’s Dinner at the 2015 Annual SCAD Conference: (L to R): 1. Federico Ferraris, 2. Nitzan Bichacho, 3. Panaghiotis Bazos, 4. Stephen F. Bergen, 5. Matt O¹Connell, 6. William M. Johnston, 7. Rade D. Paravina; 8. Branko Bojovic, 9. Ronald E. Goldstein, 10. Dan Nathanson, 11. Sabiha Bunek, 12. Stephen J. Chu, 13. Joe C. Ontiveros, 14. John M. Powers, and 15. Newton Fahl  (Photo courtesy Stephen R. Snow, DDS)

Mr. Aki Yoshida, Chair, SCAD CDT Awards, with the 2015 Larsen-Chu Award recipient, Mr. Ryan Sungmin Lim, and the 2015 Virtuoso Award recipient, Mr. Nori Kawada

Dr. William M. Johnston presenting the 2015 SCAD VITA Research Award to Dr. Natalie Pereira of The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

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