AvaDent Acquires Dental Technology Company

Posted on March 8, 2016

 AvaDent Acquires Prominent Dental Technology Company

Scottsdale, Arizona- AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions (AvaDent) today announced the acquisition of Supra Solutions BV in The Netherlands. The acquisition gives AvaDent access to key digital dental technology that will enhance workflow with all dental bar manufacturers around the world.

“We are excited to be introducing a new Digital Workflow Technology that enables all bar manufacturers to work efficiently with AvaDent,” said Tim Thompson, President and CEO of AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions, “and we are thrilled to have such consummate dental professionals as our partners. Supra Solutions is the Benelux leader in high-end titanium supra structures that are processed into implanted supported dentures.”

The former owners of Supra Solutions, Robert van der Meer and Elmer Warning, will continue to work with the company and will fulfill an important role in the development of the next generation of digital dentistry. The talents and technological advancements of the two companies will merge to give dental professionals the ability to participate in one true digital workflow to create a dental prosthetic in real time, completely within a digital environment. The dental lab technician, the doctor and the patient will benefit from this by receiving a perfectly fitting integrated digital prosthesis solution in a shortened turn-around time.

AvaDent represents a paradigm shift in removable dentistry not available anywhere else. Developed by an international team of leaders in the digital dentistry field, AvaDent is the first to introduce a digital prosthesis using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). CAE goes far beyond mere CAD/CAM fabrication by developing sophisticated, scientific algorithms to create a comprehensive digital platform. This digital platform drives a level of control and consistency never before possible while ensuring that all clinical protocols are met.

AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions offers a full line of treatment options including dentures, overdentures and fixed hybrid solutions. Supra Solutions will continue its current activities in The Netherlands while adding an increased focus on digital workflow integration into implant supported structures.

For additional information call 855-AVADENT (282-3368) or go to www.avadent.com 

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