Instructional Video for EyeSpecial C-II Dental Camera Now Available in Multiple Languages

Posted on March 18, 2016

AN MARCOS, California—March 17, 2016—Shofu Dental Corporation is pleased to announce a release of the instructional video for its EyeSpecial C-II digital dental camera in multiple languages, including French, Portuguese and Spanish.

This video will educate clinicians, dental staff and laboratory technicians how to incorporate EyeSpecial C-II into their operatory or laboratory using the best clinical standards and techniques.

Designed exclusively for dentistry, the EyeSpecial C-II is a smart digital camera intended for clinical photography, dental and orthodontic case documentation, lab collaboration, and patient communication and education. Equipped with a 12 megapixel sensor, a high-performance 49 mm close-up lens, and a panoramic LCD touchscreen that allows the user to view and scroll through images with or without gloves, the EyeSpecial C-II offers eight pre-set dental shooting modes along with intuitive one-touch operations. This intelligent camera captures high-quality images with ease and convenience. It has an exceptional depth-of-field range, fast autofocus and anti-shake capabilities that ensure true-color reproduction. Like the smart phones and tablets, Shofu’s EyeSpecial C-II is highly intuitive and user friendly. The camera employs a spot-focus function, activated with a tap of a finger on the screen, and cropping grid lines both of which make excellence in dental photography easy to achieve. No extensive technical knowledge is required to work with the EyeSpecial C-II, an attribute that brings consistency and efficacy to treatment planning, and allows the clinician to delegate clinical photography tasks to staff members.

The camera also possesses a unique draw/edit function that makes sharing information, office-lab collaboration, and patient communication more streamlined. This feature enables making notes on images which is a valuable asset for discussing treatment options, or tracking the progress between treatments, increasing overall satisfaction and case acceptance.

Designed for comfort and functionality, the EyeSpecial C-II is convenient to hold using one hand. With an ultralight, durable body engineered to withstand rigorous infection control protocols, Shofu’s superior and simplified EyeSpecial C-II will contribute to consistency and predictability when capturing images for case planning and documentation in today’s dental practice and laboratory.

Watch in French:

Watch in Portuguese:

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