Ceramir Crown & Bridge QuikCap Launched

Posted on March 18, 2016

Doxa Dental, Inc. is launching Ceramir Crown & Bridge QuikCap at the 2016 Hinman Meeting in Atlanta, GA. Ceramir C&B QuikCap remains the same unique material that has created a new category of dental cement.

As the only calcium aluminate/glass ionomer hybrid on the market, Ceramir C&B cement:

• sets and remains at a high pH

• forms new apatite

• is resin-free

• has shown in a preliminary study to close artificial marginal gaps

• has excellent retention and other physical properties

• performance has been documented in numerous published US and international studies

With the launch of the new Ceramir C&B QuikCap capsule, the benefits to the customer now also include:

• self-activated capsule, no separate activation equipment needed

• the Ceramir C&B QuikCaps work with most brands of appliers

• contains .17 ml of extruded material versus .10 ml in Ceramir C&B SingleCaps

Kelley Reinfelds, VP North America, states, “We are very excited about this improvement in the delivery system as it will benefit our current customers in saving them procedure and chair time, as well as customers new to Ceramir C&B Cement. With Ceramir C&B QuikCaps, we look forward to introducing even more dentists to the benefits of Doxa’s unique calcium aluminate technology.” 


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