Cavex Launches Breakthrough At-Home Whitening System

Posted on March 14, 2016


HAARLEM, NETHERLANDS, February 25, 2016—Cavex, the innovative Dutch manufacturer of professional dental products, today announced the North American launch of its Cavex Bite&White ABC Masterkit. The product is designed to make it easier for dental practices to provide whitening services to patients concerned about excessive sensitivity, unnaturally white teeth, or high cost.

To address these patient concerns, Cavex has taken an approach no other manufacturer has previously considered: a synergistic three-step process that dramatically reduces sensitivity while providing a natural white smile at an affordable price. And even though three steps are involved, the overall process is still very convenient for patients.

Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit consists of three components facilitating three steps. In Step A—for “Activation”—the user brushes with Cavex Bite & White Stainless, which removes surface stains and plaque and raises the pH of the mouth. This creates the perfect environment for Step B—for “Brightening”—in which the patient fills dentist-provided trays with a whitening gel containing 16% carbamide peroxide (equal to 6% hydrogen peroxide). This unique gel exhibits thixotropic behavior: it adheres to the tooth surface rather than running to the tooth neck and gingiva, where sensitivity can be a problem with other whiteners. The gel also contains potassium nitrate to further avoid sensitivity, as well as sodium fluoride to reinforce enamel. The trays need only be worn for 50 to 60 minutes.

Step C—for “Conditioning”—involves the user placing Cavex Bite & White ExSense gel in the trays, which should be worn for 10 minutes. The ExSense gel contains a revolutionary blend of hydroxyapatite and a hydro-dispersing clay. The clay accelerates the dispersion of the hydroxyapatite deep into the tubules and micro-cracks in the enamel, thereby sealing off the areas most likely to cause sensitivity. The hydroxyapatite also initiates a process of crystallization that helps restore micro-hardness and accelerate the re-mineralization process.

Dental practices can use the Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit as an at-home means of supplementing in-office whitening, or as a convenient, time-saving alternative to in-office whitening, with minimal staff training required.

The Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit received a “four plus” rating from The Dental Advisor. The product received an impressive 87% clinical rating, and the vast majority of evaluators rated the system equal to or better than their current system and said they would recommend it to their colleagues.

“These testing results, as well as the great success we are seeing with European dental practices, prove that with the Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit, whitening need not be frightening,” said Hans Maarten den Boer, Cavex Managing Director. “And that is great news for people looking for a naturally white smile with no sensitivity and at a reasonable price, and for dental practices looking to efficiently increase their teeth whitening production.”

The Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit is distributed in the United States by Benco Dental and Practicon Dental.

For more information on the Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit or other Cavex products, please visit http://www.cavex.nl/en/.

About Cavex

Founded in 1908, Cavex Holland BV is based in Haarlem, The Netherlands. The company manufactures and markets innovative professional dental products in several categories, including impression materials, whitening products, hygiene products and dental devices. To ensure that its products are meeting the latest needs of dental professionals and taking advantage of the most appropriate advanced technologies, the company relies on regular input from a multi-disciplinary team of dental professionals and maintains close contacts with a worldwide network of universities and opinion leaders. And to ensure that its state-of-the-art products consistently deliver exceptional quality, Cavex opened an ultra-modern production facility in 2010.

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