Strategy Announces PFM Substructures

Posted on March 10, 2016

CEO Scott Mappin Announces Another

First-to-Market Offering from Strategy Milling©:

Milled Noble Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Substructures

Pittsburgh, PA – Strategy Milling©’s new CEO Scott Mappin officially announced today the availability of (Noble or Precious) Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) substructures. Strategy continues its first-to-market contributions with the new PFM substructures while maintaining its status of being the only resource available for milled precious metals.

“We reached the last stage of our PFM testing in March and are fully confident in offering this outstanding new product to the market,” remarked Scott Mappin, CEO, Strategy Milling. “We have received nothing but extremely positive feedback from laboratories on the quality of our PFM frames, and know of no other establishment that provides this type of service in North America. We are truly pleased to offer the finest PFM frames in the industry.”

The same milling strategy employed to produce superior fits on Strategy’s classic full-contour milled gold prosthetics is also used on the PFM substructures. Current Strategy Milling customers are not required to change parameters, and the outer surface finish takes minimal time and effort to complete once the PFM is returned. Laboratory professionals simply remove the connectors and then perform a light surface finish. This efficient process greatly reduces the overall steps, time, materials, and cost of traditional casting, CAD-CAST, or SLM workflows.

March 2016 marks Strategy Milling’s fourth year of producing direct milled precious metal prosthetics for the dental laboratory industry. According to Mappin, “Milling is one of the most precise ways to produce premium products. By employing our proprietary process to manufacturea blank puck of dental alloy, we are able to consistently provide pristine products with virtually no porosity, and ideal grain structure, density, and hardness.”   

In the short time since its introduction, Strategy Milling has achieved widespread acceptance in the dental laboratory market sector while meeting dental professional and patient demands for strong, reliable precious metal born restorations. “When we first introduced Strategy Milling, it was our solution to the conundrum of dental laboratories who found that providing high-quality gold restorations wassimply not feasible for business,” continued Mappin. “Because our initial services were so well received, we are now looking to develop even more solutions such as the new PFMs. We will continue to explore what laboratories are in need of and, in turn, happily provide ongoing support. It’s very satisfying to be looked at as a true partner in their professional success.”

For more information about Strategy Milling PFMs as well as all Strategy products and services, please call 724-266-3269 or visit www.strategymilling.comor

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