The Foundation's 2016 Grants and Scholarships

Posted on February 4, 2016

The Foundation's 2016 Grants and Scholarships

Tallahassee, Florida: The Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology (The Foundation) announced the seven grant and scholarship opportunities for 2016. One major change is that the Pillar Scholarship will be offered TWICE. These scholarships offer opportunities to advance within the dental laboratory technology profession. 

Pillar Scholarshipdeadline to apply: 3/15/2016 and 9/15/2016

The Pillar Scholarship covers the application and testing fees for a candidate to take the written comprehensive examination, the written specialty examination, and the hands-on practical examination, one time each. The scholarship amount awarded is up to $1,000 per recipient.

Sterngold Grantdeadline to apply: 4/1/2016

The Sterngold Grant will award one (1) school $1,250 in product donation. Products available through this grant include QuickLineTM Line-Term Soft Relining Material, SternTek® Duplicating Material, SternTek® Custom Tray Material (blue or rose), SternTek® Base Plate Material (pink), and InstaGums® Gingival Reproduction Material.

KOIS Center Education Grantdeadline to apply: 4/15/2016

The Kois Center Education Grant will award one (1) seat in the Biomechanics I & II course at no charge. The charge for such a course would typically retail for $9,995.

Keystone Grantdeadline to apply: 10/1/2016

The Keystone Grant will award up to $5,000 to four (4) dental laboratory technology schools that are accredited educational institutions with a dental laboratory technology program or those accredited educational institutions who wish to add a dental laboratory technology program.

PTC John Ness Memorial Education Grantdeadline to apply: 10/15/2016

The PTC John Ness Memorial Education Grant will award four (4) individuals in the dental laboratory field a PTC Ness Academy Hands on Course at no charge. The charge for such a course would typically retail for $3,000.

Fulcrum Grantdeadline to apply: 11/15/2016

The Fulcrum Grant will award four (4) individuals up to $2,500 to supplement expenses related to an approved continuing education program the winner wishes to attend. 

For more information on each grant and scholarship opportunity, please browse under the “Resources” tab on

The Foundation would not be able to offer these grants and scholarships without the support of their generous donors. We would like to give a huge thank you to each and every donor for their support and for taking the first step toward securing the future of the profession. To view a full list of Foundation donors, please visit

The Foundation relies heavily on donations from individuals as well as companies to fund the scholarship and grant programs. Donations are accepted throughout the year. To support the Foundation, please click here.

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