Digital Dental Merges with Dental Laboratory Milling Supplies

Posted on February 24, 2016

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Digital Dental Lab, based inLaguna Hills, CA, and Dental Laboratory Milling Supplies, based in Scottsdale, AZ, announce they have merged in order to offer a comprehensive suite of CAD/CAM solutions for digital dentistry.  The merger brings together Dental Mill machines and SinterMax ovens.  The new combined company will be known as Digital Dental and will be headquartered in Scottsdale.

The companies develop advanced technologies and materials, which enable dental laboratories to use computer aided design to create stronger and higher quality dental restorations (crowns, bridges, and dentures). The newly combined company is the only American-made provider of materials and milling machines in the dental laboratory industry. 

The four founders -- Scott and Anna Atkin and Kim and Cameron Karpowitz -- have been working closely for years in advance of the now official merger.  All of the founders are staying on at the new company and are excited about the growth opportunities ahead.

"We are entirely focused on being partners with our customers," said Kim Karpowitz.  "I believe this merger uniquely positions us to continue our leadership role in milled full contour posterior, anterior, and implant restorations."

The combined company also includes a "Center for Excellence" advanced dental milling research and training laboratory in Scottsdale.

"At our research facility, we are not only developing cutting edge techniques and products for milling zirconia, but also harder materials, including titanium, hybrid nano-ceramics, and PEEK," said Scott Atkin.  "I believe the merger strengthens our customer service relationship with our clients putting material support, hardware support, training and best practices advice under one umbrella.  It also ensures that machining enhancements will grow lockstep with evolving dental materials."

The merger was arranged and led by Villhard Growth Partners ("VGP") based in St. Louis, MO.  VGP specializes in making growth investments in established companies in growing industries that anticipate future innovation.  Additional investors include First Capital Partners and Spectrum Financial Services, both of Omaha, NE.

"The Atkin's and the Karpowitz's are amazing innovators and entrepreneurs," said Pete Villhard, VGP managing partner.  "They have a unique way of understanding their dental lab customers' needs and developing innovative solutions to help them grow and expand their businesses."

At the upcoming LMT Dental Lab Show this February in Chicago, Digital Dental will be showing off some recent innovations including its new Crystal Anterior zirconia along with its new Dental Mill 4 HD (heavy duty) milling machine design for titanium and other harder materials. 

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