AO’s Young Clinicians Mingle at Café Sevilla

Posted on February 19, 2016

The Young Clinicians Committee (YCC) hosted a reception at Café Sevilla as part of the Academy of Osseointegration’s (AO) 31st Annual Meeting. Dr. Lauren Brownfield, Chair of the YCC, explained the idea behind the reception was to give the youngest clinicians in the Academy a chance to interact with people their own age who face similar issues, and to create new relationships.

Caption: The festive Café Sevilla set the stage for an evening of great food and fun as young clinicians wrapped up the first day of the AO 2016 Annual Meeting

Dr. Tabitha Chen from San Francisco shared a sentiment expressed by a number of other clinicians, “It’s hard because when you are in private practice, which I am, it feels very isolating. You don’t get to talk to your peers. At a function like this, you can talk to people that graduated around the same time who are going through the same thing as you … trying to get their feet wet and trying to establish themselves in the community,” explained Dr. Chen. “It’s very comforting to know you are in the same type of situation as a lot of other people.

Dr. Nathan O’Connor is a young clinician from Yakima, Wash. who said he came to the meeting to improve his diagnostic and treatment skills, adding that the global emphasis has helped him mature as a clinician by providing different points of view.

“I liked the presentation by Dr. Frank Spears. You get a sense for times when you do treat with implants, and times when you don’t. You get a broad perspective in an organization that draws people from all over the world,” said Dr. O’Connor.

Dr. Brian Lee from Irvine, Calif. agrees that the AO and the YCC provide him a broader look at the developments in the science that he wasn’t aware of in his practice.

“Sometimes in your practice, you are so focused on what you have been doing that you don’t know where the field is headed in general. Coming here gives you a kind of broad overview perspective that you can take back with you,” said Dr. Lee.

Resident Hebe Cevera-Gonzales from Mexico City is here to support friends who are presenting E-Posters. She is enthusiastic about the AO meeting and how it has helped her expand her skills and feel more comfortable.

The YCC includes young professionals who are newer members of AO. Many members are involved in both research and academia in addition to being practicing clinicians.

“The YCC facilitates the exchange of ideas from the future of the AO’s membership,” said Dr. Brownfield. “It is important to keep the Academy going.”

The committee was established in 2010 to bring together the knowledge of experienced clinicians and the enthusiasm of young members to raise awareness of the Academy and promote research and education. To learn more about becoming a member of the YCC, email

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