Renfert Announces New Brand Positioning

Posted on February 16, 2016

Renfert has announced a new brand positioning strategy.

Why clinicians devote themselves to surgery or where a technician’s passion for dental technology comes from are everyday questions that, if answered, result in true self-awareness. Renfert has been seeking steps to take in order to answer these types of questions and therefore improve everyday workflow. The crucial factor, the company says, is not just to be close to the individual steps that progress workflow but also to understand the feeling that is created when work is easy.

This closeness to people and what they do should be visible and perceptible at all points when people come into contact with Renfert, and that is the aim of the new brand image. It is a way of showing what has long proved successful but in a unique and original way. A detailed interview and the visual unveiling of this new image will be available soon. 

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