TravelFlo Announces Mobile App

Posted on January 6, 2016

TravelFlo Group announces the release of the "TravelFlo My Rewards" mobile app.

Laboratories offering a rewards program through TravelFlo Group can take advantage of this fully-branded, free mobile app.

The "TravelFlo My Rewards" mobile app allows rewards program participants to take their rewards with them everywhere they go.

Rewards program participants will have real-time access to their rewards account via their handheld device, including merchandise and travel redemption options, and access to the laboratory's special announcements, news and promotions.

“This is an exciting and personal way for laboratories to connect with their doctors, as well as a great way to spark and drive continued sales,” says TravelFlo Group President, John Donnelly.

The “TravelFlo My Rewards” app is 100% free. To download, reward participants can simply search for the "TravelFlo My Rewards" app in their App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android), or they can find additional information and downloading instructions at

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