Roland to Host Free CE Clinics in Chicago

Posted on December 17, 2015

Irvine, Calif. – Roland DGA will host continuing education clinics led by industry experts on Friday, February 26 and Saturday, February 27, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Open to all Lab Day attendees at no charge, the clinics will offer a wealth of information on a variety of industry topics as well as an opportunity to gain CE scientific credits. 

“We’ll be conducting a total of eight clinics over the course of two days, with sessions covering a wide range of subjects relevant to today’s advanced digital dental technologies, including CAD/CAM applications, prosthetic design and creation, optimizing laboratory workflow and efficiency, and more,” said Brian Brooks, Roland DGA’s group product manager, specialty systems. “This is a great chance for laboratory owners and staffers to learn from some of the premier experts in the field and earn valuable credits at the same time; plus, it’s absolutely free.”

Those interested in attending Roland’s clinics can click here for complete details, descriptions of the individual sessions, or to RSVP online.

In addition to the clinics, Roland will be giving back to its dealers, partners, and customers by hosting a lively cocktail party on Friday, February 26 from 6-8 p.m. at the American Craft Restaurant, located within the Hyatt Regency Chicago. This is a closed event – only dealers, partners, and registered Roland users may attend. For more information on the cocktail party, or to RSVP, click here.

To learn more about Roland’s complete line of advanced digital dental milling machines, visit www.rolanddga.com/products/dental/dwx-series.

Free In-App Game Designed to Help Establish Good Brushing Habits Among Children

Posted on December 17, 2015

COLUMBUS, OHIO (PRWEB) Beam, the smarter dental insurance company, today launched “Boulders and Band-Aids” within the Beam app, adding a gamification layer on top of the brushing behavior data already collected via the Beam Brush. The new game allows anyone who brushes their teeth while using the connected Beam Brush or the Beam app’s manual timer to earn lives to play the game, which encourages users to brush more often, for longer. The Beam app is available for free from the App Store andGoogle Play.

A vast majority of oral diseases are preventable, yet they still affect a substantial portion of our population. Specifically, tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions in children: even though tooth decay is entirely preventable, about one out of every five children aged five to 11 years in the US has at least one untreated decayed tooth. Boulders and Band-Aids was designed primarily for children ages three to 10, which is when children are establishing good brushing habits.

“We founded Beam on the mission of preventing oral disease by building good habits, and the addition of Boulders and Band-Aids to the Beam app takes that one step further,” said Alex Frommeyer, Beam CEO and co-founder. “Boulders and Band-Aids helps encourage healthy behavior because it makes brushing fun. If children think brushing is fun and rewarding, they will brush more often and for longer. That seemingly minor behavior change significantly reduces the rate of tooth decay in children.”

The Beam app automatically gives users lives to play Boulders and Band-Aids every time they brush their teeth with the Beam Brush. The game can be played at any time, but users can only get lives by brushing. They receive five lives for every 30 seconds the app is open while brushing. Four minutes of brushing per day, or two brushing events of two minutes each, equates to 40 lives for the game, or roughly 20 minutes of play.

While the national average for brushing is just once a day for 45 to 70 seconds, dentists recommend brushing twice per day for two minutes. Beam has already seen dramatic improvement among users since the launch of their smart toothbrush, with the average Beam user brushing 110 seconds twice per day.

“As dentists we try to motivate our patients, especially kids, to brush better and brush longer, but we only get to see them every six months,” said Shaun Rotenberg, DMD, MS. “The Beam app represents an opportunity for daily encouragement and incentives to improve oral hygiene habits, thus reducing the long-term risk of tooth decay and gum disease."

Boulders and Band-Aids was designed for families, for both kids and kids at heart. Parents will enjoy the game as much as their children, and they’ll appreciate having a new tool in their toolbox when working with their children to establish healthy behaviors. With the Beam Brush and app, Beam removed the need for parents to wonder if children are brushing their teeth when they’re told. Now, with the addition of Boulders and Band-Aids, parents can help their children make brushing two minutes twice a day become second nature.

Boulders and Band-Aids is available exclusively within the Beam mobile app. To learn more, visit http://www.beam.dental.



Implants Help Leg Bone Successfully Replace Jawbone

Posted on December 16, 2015

Journal of Oral Implantology – Your jaw bones affect how you look, breath, eat, and speak, making reconstruction important for any jaw defects. Surgeons have more tools than ever to tackle such cases, but these may not be enough to ensure the jaw is fully restored. In the end, it’s all about form and function.

The authors of an article published in the current issue of the Journal of Oral Implantology described a step-by-step process to completely reconstruct the jaw using a bone graft and an implant-supported denture. Their case report is one of only a few studies that focus on the final, prosthetic phase of the process and a technique known as a free-flap fibula graft.

Free-flap reconstruction is the standard technique used after part or all of a patient’s jaw has been removed. Surgeons prefer to use bone from the patient’s fibula to rebuild the jaw. Such reconstruction is ideal, providing adequate bone length, blood supply, and consistent shape in the jaw, as well as minimal risk of disease in the leg. Still, successfully rebuilding the jaw may not be enough to restore a patient’s normal appearance and abilities. Dentures may not stay in place, so dental implants are often used for added support.

The current case report focuses on a 24-year-old woman. A tumor in her jaw had been removed three years earlier and a fibular graft had been used to rebuild her jawbone, but the graft was not successful. A second surgery was performed using the free fibular vascular flap of her other leg, and four implants and a denture were inserted.

Over the next two years, the patient reported great comfort and ability to function with the prosthesis. She could wear the denture easily and eat a mostly normal diet, except for nuts and meats. Her speech was clear, and her facial proportions and symmetry were closer to normal.

For this patient, the plastic attachments had to be replaced once due to routine wear and tear. She had no problems in the leg that had been used as the donor site. The patient felt good about her rehabilitation, which made her confident in her appearance and daily activities.

The authors concluded that their method is safe and reliable. They said that it resulted in a functional and aesthetically acceptable jaw that greatly enhanced the patient’s quality of life.

Full text of the article “Total Mandibular Reconstruction and Rehabilitation: A Case Report,” Journal of Oral Implantology, Vol. 41, No. 6, 2015, is available at http://www.joionline.org/doi/full/10.1563/AAID-JOI-D-13-00141.

$50,000 Grant Awarded to Advance Device for Less Traumatic Tooth Removal

Posted on December 16, 2015

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Antonio Valdevit, PhD, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Biological Sciences at Stevens Institute of Technology, has received a $50,000 Innovation Grant from New Jersey Health Foundation/The Nicholson Foundation to advance research into a medical device that could reduce local trauma and improve outcomes for people requiring tooth extractions, announced James M. Golubieski, president of New Jersey Health Foundation.

The technology can be particularly important for people needing dental implants or for anyone who must avoid the risk of oral bleeding due to underlying medical conditions.

"Tooth extraction has been relatively unchanged for decades," explained George F. Heinrich, M.D., vice chair and CEO of New Jersey Health Foundation. "With the advent of numbing agents to reduce patient pain, the procedure has undergone little innovation with the exception of instrument refinement.  This novel technology employs vibration to loosen and extract teeth while reducing local trauma."

Dr. Valdevit has identified a mechanism that employs vibratory motion to loosen the tooth with a piezoelectric actuator that can be incorporated into existing instruments currently used in the dental field. 

"Current methods of extraction result in significant recovery time due to local trauma," Dr. Valdevit explains. "And in some cases, neighboring teeth may be subject to damage.  Our method of vibratory extraction will reduce or eliminate the need for surgical cutting of soft tissue and significantly reduce the mechanical forces needed to extract the tooth."

According to Dr. Valdevit, not only is the technology useful for humans, but also for tooth extractions necessary in the veterinary field.

$500 Prize for Winning Infection Control Abstract

Posted on December 16, 2015

Annapolis, MD:December 16, 2015 - The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP), the advocate for The Safest Dental Visit™, is seeking abstracts for their Annual Infection Control Conference, June 2-4, 2016, in San Diego, CA. The abstracts will be reviewed by a prestigious panel of experts according to International Association for Dental Research (IADR) review criteria with the objective to advance infection control and patient safety research and a clinical practice agenda across international borders. The abstract judged best overall will be awarded the James A. Cottone Award for Excellence in Investigative Research, which includes a cash award of $500 and a recognition plaque. Accepted papers will be presented in poster format. OSAP may invite a limited number of researchers to present their findings orally.

Abstracts may be submitted in any of the following categories: Infection Prevention and Control, Occupational Safety and Health, Antibiotic Resistance, Environmental Science, or Other (analysis of policy development and implementation, new analysis of existing research, meta-analysis or synthesis from existing studies or behavioral studies of utilization or adoption of practices by dental personnel.)

To be considered for presentation, abstracts must meet IADR criteria for scientific merit and the research presented must not have been previously published as a note or full-length article in a journal. Abstracts published or presented at another scientific meeting during the previous year may be submitted for poster presentation, but will not be eligible to compete for the Cottone award. At least one of the authors of the abstract must be a current member of OSAP;

Abstracts will be evaluated utilizing a 100-point scale, with a minimally acceptable level of 65 points. The criteria considered by the expert reviewers include scientific rigor, originality, clinical relevance, and contribution to the scientific literature.

Non-student applicants with accepted abstracts will be granted a $100 discount on conference registration. If the applicants have previously registered at the early-bird rate, this discount will be refunded. Full-time students with accepted abstracts will receive a special student-abstract rate of $75.

All submissions must be received at the OSAP Central Office no later than 11:59 pm EST on Friday, March 18, 2016. Applicants will be notified by email of acceptance by Friday, April 1, 2016. Full details, including submission format, presentation format, and acceptance procedure, are available on the OSAP website at: www.osap.org/?page=2016Abstracts.

The OSAP Annual Conference is the premier infection control education and networking event in the dental industry. Nationally and internationally known experts discuss current and emerging issues relating to infection prevention and safety in oral healthcare settings, and provide attendees with essential resources, valuable tools, and new approaches for better protecting patients and staff. Visit http://www.osap.org/?page=2016AnnualConference for more details.

Rella Christensen to Speak on Zirconia

Posted on December 16, 2015

Zahn Dental will host a Lunch & Learn with Dr. Rella P. Christensen in Chicago on Saturday, February 27, 2016 from noon to 2 p.m.

The event, titled "The age of zirconia in dentistry is NOW!," will be in Ballroom E & F at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Limited space is available.

Christensen will help participants learn about zirconia for your clinicians and their patients, exploring questions such as:

1.     How do the new translucent zirconias differ from the original BruxZir?

2.     How do the different brands of translucent zirconia differ from each other?

3.     Why is it best not to fire veneer ceramic over zirconia?

4.     When used as a substructure, how does zirconia compare to metals?

From results of large controlled clinical trials, participants will learn answers to these and other pertinent questions regarding zirconia — the material that now dominates dentistry.

Register today at: www.zahndental.com/Chicago

Three Prosthodontists Recognized for Original Research in John J. Sharry Research Competition

Posted on December 16, 2015

CHICAGO, Dec. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The American College of Prosthodontists (ACP)announced Ryan R. Sheridan, DMD, MS, FACP, of University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio as the first-place winner of the John J. Sharry Research Competition. Amy S. Au, DDS, of University of Illinois at Chicago won second place, and Ketu P. Lincoln, DMD, BS, of United States Air Force Postgraduate Dental School was named the third-place winner. Results were announced during the 45th Annual Session of the ACP held in Orlando, Oct. 21-24, 2015. This year, more than 1,200 dental professionals attended the event.

The ACP is proud to announce the following recipients:

First Place – Dr. Ryan R. Sheridan

Effect of Split-file Digital Workflow on Crown Margin Adaptation

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Second Place – Dr. Amy S. Au

Novel silver-embedded titania nanotubular implant surface fabrication, characterization, antimicrobial effect, and biocompatibility

University of Illinois at Chicago

Third Place – Dr. Ketu P. Lincoln

Comparative Accuracy of Facial Models Fabricated using Traditional and 3D Imaging Techniques

United States Air Force Postgraduate Dental School

"The high quality of presentations reflected years of investment by the ACP in advancing and supporting resident research, and a deep commitment of mentors to support these efforts," said Radi M. Masri, DDS, MS, PhD, FACP, Chair of the ACP Research Committee.

The John J. Sharry Research Competition is held to stimulate and acknowledge original research in Prosthodontics by residents. Originally named the Prosthodontist Research Award, it was renamed in honor of ACP Past President Dr. John J. Sharry, a founding member of the ACP. Three winners have been recognized annually since 1976. For more information on the competition results, please visit ACP News & Events.

IMILLING to Sell CAD/CAM Equipment

Posted on December 15, 2015

IMILLING, a leading production-milling center, is now a leading provider of affordably priced, quality, open CAD/CAM solutions. Well known for creating highly precise, affordable complex implant prosthetics, IMILLING is offering a comprehensive line of industrial digital mills along with exclusive CAM milling software strategies, advanced digital scanners, software, materials, tools, and implant components.

IMILLING's aim is to be a one-stop CAD/CAM laboratory resource. Already an affordable outsourcing partner for titanium, zirconia, or PMMA implant prosthetics, IMILLING is now also a vendor dedicated to helping laboratories transition to a digital workflow environment.

The company’s current product roster includes DOF’s two affordable premium scanners: the FREEDOM™ HD with expanded scanning stage and Stable Scan Stage technology, and the unique L-shaped open-platform SWING™ scanner for fast scanning of articulators.

For both small and large laboratories, there’s an extensive line of digital milling choices: DOF’s 5-axis SHARP™ mill is an economically priced, premium 5-axis mill in a compact desktop package; the imes-icore CORiTEC 350i is the latest entry-level 5-axis wet and dry desktop mill for processing titanium custom abutments. For larger laboratories, IMILLING offers the Dyamach DT2, an affordable titanium powerhouse, and the Datron D5, specifically designed to meet the highest demands for precision and ideally suited for milling large-span titanium and chrome cobalt implant parts.

IMILLING is consistently committed to providing complete customer support. The IMILLING team can help install and integrate a scanner, software and mill, train the technical team, and help optimize workflow processes.

Felix Chung, President of IMILLING, explains the company’s expansion: “Many labs started to reevaluate their in-house needs in light of reduced costs associated with CAD/CAD equipment ownership. As a milling center, IMILLING has extensive experience testing and using the digital equipment, materials, and supplies we are offering our customers. This puts us in a unique position to advise and help labs develop the digital capabilities specific to their needs. Our goal, as always, whether as an outsource partner or resource for in-house equipment, is to help customers deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective implant prosthetics to their customers.”

To learn more about IMILLING and the equipment offered, visit imilling.com or call 1-571-313-1269.

AACD Triple Plays Offer Conference Attendees a Major League Experience

Posted on December 15, 2015

MADISON, Wis. (12/14/15) — The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Professional Education Committee has developed a completely reimagined structure for delivering the world-class education you have come to expect at the Annual AACD Scientific Session – and it’s called the AACD Triple Play. This innovative conference concept is a whole new ball game and brings big hitters up to the plate every morning and afternoon to present on the day’s theme sequentially in the same room.

The conference’s three themes: Design, Implementation, and Realization are more than just catch phrases – they are a scaffolding on which the entire conference is structured. On day one, morning and afternoon Triple Plays will cover the bases on treatment planning. Day two’s Triple Plays will focus on orthodontic and surgical options. And on day three of AACD 2016, the morning Triple Play and afternoon Double Play will cover the bases on restorative implementation. The Triple Play sessions will feature a line up of three top educators in the field, each presenting for approximately 50 minutes. The session will then conclude with a joint 30 minute Q & A panel.

These Triple Plays are going to be nothing short of legendary, but AACD 2016 offers even more high quality education for conference attendees. In addition to these rapid fire sessions, attendees can also choose from a three day team track, a Friday laboratory technician focus track, and a laser course. And for anyone looking to take their game to the major leagues, there are the AACD Accreditation track courses and hands-on workshops.

For more information or to register for the 32nd Annual AACD Scientific Session, visit www.aacdconference.com. Or click here to view the preliminary conference guidebook.

Online Operatory Designer Allows Dental Professionals to Visualize & Design the Ideal Space

Posted on December 15, 2015

Malvern, PA (December 15, 2015) – DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions, a supplier of integrated products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to offer dental professionals an online Operatory Designer. The Operatory Designer is an online resource that allows users to visualize and personally configure operatories to perfectly match workspace requirements and style preferences.

Dental professionals can log on to operatory.dentalez.comand view numerous color and style configurations for each operatory component. The Operatory Designer resource allows the dental professional to customize the entire dental operatory:

  • Chairs and Stools–available choices include numerous DentalEZ chair and stool selections and upholstery types with over 40 color possibilities. Dental professionals can choose between Ultraleather, Ultraleather Fusion, Naugahyde®, and NaugaSoft colors.

  • Cabinet Countertops–solid surface countertop designs include twelve different color patterns such as Baja Melange, Crystal Mint, and Bedrock.

  • Cabinet Laminates–options include a wide assortment of hues to coordinate with your countertops and office palette.  

  • Floor and Walls–for the backdrop and floor of the operatory, dental professionals can choose from six wall, and eleven wood or tile floor shades that set the stage for a pleasant operatory experience.

Users of the Operatory Designer begin with a blank operatory canvas and have the option to personalize each and every operatory component. Moreover, operatory designs can be saved, downloaded, printed, or emailed to share with colleagues or a personal DentalEZ territory sales member to make the virtual operatory a reality.

“We wanted to take the apprehension and guesswork out of operatory design and bring back the excitement of it for the dental professional,” remarked Aggie Pennington, Senior Equipment Product Manager for DentalEZ.  “Planning the design and colors for the operatory can truly be a hit or miss situation and instead of simply imagining what it will look like, we wanted to provide a precise image of the endless possibilities that DentalEZ offers for the ideal operatory. It’s a fun yet very resourceful tool.” 

To try the new Operatory Designer, please visit operatory.dentalez.com.  

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