Dickerman Celebrates 50th Year

Posted on November 9, 2015

Sharon, Mass. – With three generations of the Dickerman family still involved in daily operations, Dickerman Dental Prosthetics celebrated the start of its 50th year in business.

While the past half-century saw Dickerman Dental Prosthetics evolve to embrace new materials and processes, it proudly maintains the family-owned atmosphere that made 50 years of growth possible. Laboratory founder Myron Dickerman still leads its technicians, working from the bench on a daily basis, while his son Ira serves as president, overseeing operations and ensuring processes remain stable and constant. Myron’s grandson, Brandon, has led the laboratory into guided surgery to complement Dickerman’s implant processes.

“There are many family-owned laboratories in operation, but few that benefit from hands-on involvement in day-to-day business by three generations,” says Ira Dickerman, CDT. “I’m not only fortunate enough to be able to work side-by-side with my dad and son, but to do it in an industry I’m so passionate about.”

Although it’s grown through the years, maintaining consistency has been easy for Dickerman Dental Prosthetics: Nine of its technicians have served in the laboratory for at least 25 years. Marshalling collective experience of more than 250 years, Dickerman’s senior staff has been instrumental in helping the laboratory maintain the standards of quality that are the foundation of its 50-year legacy. As an early adopter of digital processes and CAD/CAM production, Dickerman Dental Prosthetics has perfectly blended the experience of its veteran staff with the innovations necessary to stay relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace.

“Dental technicians are notorious for having a high turnover rate, so we’re grateful that Dickerman Dental has been fortunate enough to maintain its talent – and therefore ensure consistency – to the degree we have. It’s staggering when I think about it,” Ira said.

To mark the laboratory’s milestone, Dickerman Dental Prosthetics hosted a company-wide dinner Sept. 15 to celebrate its golden anniversary. With a banquet recognizing all employees’ contributions, as well as honoring the Dickerman family’s commitment to excellence in restorative dentistry, the laboratory enters its 50th year with the same energy and focus that made it thrive for half a century.

“This is a huge milestone for any business, let alone a laboratory,” Ira said. “I’m excited to build on our traditions as we continue to lead the industry.”

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