FDLT Awards Keystone Grants

Posted on November 23, 2015

Tallahassee, Florida - The Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology announced the four winners of the 2015 Keystone Grant: Bates Technical College in Tacoma, Washington; Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne in Fort Wayne, Indiana; Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Los Angeles City College in Los Angeles, California.

The Foundation created the Keystone Grant Program in 2011 to support accredited educational institutions with a dental laboratory technology program or those accredited educational institutions who wish to add a dental laboratory technology program. Since 2011, the Keystone Grant program has provided more than $100,000 – about $20,000 of that being released from this year’s grant – of support to schools to better support their dental laboratory technology program.

In considering contributions, the Foundation evaluates each application on its own merits. It considers the programs in which the organization is engaged, the constituencies it serves, the services it offers, its accountability and its fundraising practices, and the level of local community support it attracts. 

This annual, competitive grant-selection process awards winners based on submitted materials that include planned usage of funds, current program outline, current funds being received and efforts being made on behalf of the program. 

Grant recipients may re-apply in future years as long as a report detailing use/impact of the grant monies is provided with the application. Those interested in applying for next year’s grants can apply online at www.dentallabfoundation.org/resources/keystone-grant. The Foundation encourages all qualifying organizations to take the time to utilize this opportunity to advance the current dental laboratory technician program at your school. 

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