New Oral-B Practitioner Series Launched

Posted on October 16, 2015

Earth City, Mo., October 16, 2015 – Young™ and Oral-B – two widely recognized and respected brands with deep dental industry expertise – are now partners in creating professional dental products.

This exciting collaboration has resulted in the launch of the new Oral-B Practitioner Series, a comprehensive collection of professional preventive products tailored to the dental professional.

Young and Oral-B are pleased to introduce four new products that are part of the Oral-B Practitioner Series:

TheOral-B Practitioner Series SUPA® Slim – the newest addition to the Oral-B Practitioner Series – is one of dentistry’s smallest disposable prophy angles designed to give clinicians better visibility, comfort and versatility during polishing. A lean neck line allows for a more expansive view of the mouth, while a smaller head size helps increase access to hard-to-reach tooth surfaces.

Oral-B Practitioner Series Fluoride Varnishis translucent and provides clear application to teeth without any messy stringing or clumping. This varnish is gluten-free, sweetened with xylitol and is available in Strawberry, Bubble Gum and Mellow Mint flavors.

Oral-B Practitioner Series Prophylaxis Pasteis formulated with an optimal consistency that virtually eliminates splatter and clings to tooth surfaces to help remove stains. This gluten-free paste is made with 1.23% fluoride ion and is sweetened with xylitol. Flavors include Mellow Mint, Bubble Gum, Orang-A-Tangy™ and Cinnamon.

Oral-B Practitioner Series Dual Detection Disclosing Tabletsare multi-colored disclosing agents that help patients identify both older and newer biofilm. A single tablet turns older (more than 24 hours) biofilm blue while newer biofilm turns red. These fruit-flavored tablets offer a tasty way to educate patients and help increase home care compliance.

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