Whip Mix to Distribute Sleep Monitor

Posted on October 1, 2015

Whip Mix recently signed a partnership agreement with DDME for exclusive global distribution of a home monitoring system and oral appliance to address bruxism and airway issues in the dental market.

When the dentist notices excess grinding or bruxism on the patient’s teeth, along with other signs, he/she will be able to send the patient home with a monitoring system that will measure sleep patterns, airway, bruxism, snoring, and sleep apnea. Depending upon the results of this sleep test, the dentist may then refer the patient to a sleep physician or make a short-term appliance to see if the appliance will improve the bruxism and airway for that patient. Along with products, DDME brings experienced sleep technicians and a physician’s referral network as part of the system.

For more information call DDME at 1-800-513-9337 or visit whipmix.com.

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