3Shape Dental Advisory Board Focuses on Digital Workflow

Posted on September 3, 2015


Copenhagen – The 3Shape Dental Advisory Board met here this past week to examine ways for innovating the digital dentistry workflow, and in turn, improving patient care. 

The board made digital workflow optimization and its impact on patient care its theme for the second annual meeting of the group. 

"3Shape’s goal is to improve patient care," CEO Fleming Thorup says. "To do so, we need to make the workflow for dental professionals more efficient. That means making the digital workflow the first choice for all practitioners because of its reliability, predictability, and increased comfort for the patient.

“The 3Shape Dental Advisory Board brings together experts from every continent, each with their own way of working. But each shares the collective goal for improving patient care, and because of that, this year’s meeting was a huge success. The clinical skills of participants were not in focus. The members came instead loaded with real practice challenges and needs, their sleeves rolled up. As a result, together we were able to identify many innovative steps to improving patient care and, in turn, tremendous opportunities for 3Shape.” 

The 3Shape Dental Advisory Board comprises 14 dentists and 1 dental laboratory owner. Board members are from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and the US. The group met at 3Shape headquarters in Copenhagen on August 27-28. Leading digital dentistry advocate and practitioner Jonathan Ferencz, DDS, from the US, chaired the 2-day meeting. 

“Last year, many of the advisory board members told me that the 2-day meeting was the highlight of their careers," Ferencz says. "I think we topped that at this year’s meeting. There was such a strong feeling of intellectual stimulation and camaraderie in being a part of the next 'Apple,'  so to speak. For a board member, it’s very rewarding to know that you have a real influence on how products get delivered to the end-user and that you are helping to shape the future of patient care." 


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