Primotec to Offer JUVORA Restorations

Posted on September 16, 2015

Primotec announced that it is now a certified partner and milling center of JUVORA, enabling Primotec to bring a new treatment option in the shape of the JUVORA milled restorations or in disc form to its valued customers.

"Primotec is committed to offering innovative developments and novel products that outstandingly improve the quality of every piece of dental work they are used to create, and to contributing to greater efficiency and streamlining workflows in the dental laboratory," the company says in a press release.

The JUVORA Dental Disc is a high-performance polymer for metal-free prosthetics. Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, the JUVORA Dental Disc is suitable for CAD/CAM manufacturing in 4- or 5-axis systems and can be milled wet or dry. The polymer is already used in abutments and healing caps by most major dental companies.

The material is the only polymer with a 15-year clinical history that has been used in more than 5 million implanted medical devices globally, according to the press release.

Because of the material’s natural flexibility, frameworks made from JUVORA allow for a more uniform transfer of stress to the underlying bone. This can reduce stress points in the mouth, which can lead to improved comfort for the patient.

To learn more about Primotec’s new offering and see what dental professionals and patients have to say about JUVORA, visit juvoradental.com. For more information or to purchase JUVORA, contact Primotec at 866-643-3129 or info@primotecusa.com.

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