Proper Occlusion May Be the Key to a Healthy Smile

Posted on August 13, 2015

The August edition of The Roundtable presented by Inside Dentistry magazine discusses occlusion, its importance to proper dental care, and the best ways to create ideal occlusion.

Occlusion is the way the upper and lower teeth come together when chewing or at rest. When occlusion is off and the bite does not align properly—a condition known as malocclusion—it can lead to health problems, including TMJ pain, tooth fractures, and migraines. Many studies also link malocclusion to sleep disorders, gum recession, and even poor posture associated with neck and back pain. To ensure that dental treatments are successful in the long term, it is important for dentists to understand proper occlusion concepts.

Occlusion is a complicated subject, and the experts at The Roundtable discuss and explain some of its more confusing aspects in this exclusive new video.

“Learning how to treat patients from an occlusal perspective is very important to good dentistry,” said Dr. John Cranham, DDS, clinical director, The Dawson Academy. “If you understand occlusion and have the proper training, you will have an unbelievably fun career as a dentist. If you do not, it will be an unpleasant place to go to work. It just comes down to being productive, and a good knowledge of occlusion will get you there.”

This month’s panelists include Gary Alex, DMD, a member of the Inside Dentistry editorial board, cofounder of the Long Island Center for Advanced Dentistry who maintains a private practice focused on cosmetic dentistry in Huntington, NY. Thomas Basta, DDS, cofounder, director, and chairman of the Restorative Department of the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (FACE), who maintains a private practice at the FACE teaching facility in Burlingame, CA. John Cranham, DDS, a member of the Inside Dentistry editorial board and clinical director of The Dawson Academy who is in private practice in Chesapeake, VA.

You can watch the complete video discussion on the Inside Dentistry website at

Inside Dentistry would like to thank The Dawson Academy for its generous support of this program.

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