i-Gen Titanium Mesh Membrane

Posted on July 28, 2015

integrated dental systems (ids) introduces i-Gen Titanium Mesh Membranes, which are manufactured in 9 different configurations to allow users to graft sites where a stable implant has been placed but surrounding bone is insufficient.

i-Gen designs incorporate up to 100 degree bend to provide space for GBR, wider titanium mesh for more buccal bone growth and can be used with most of the popular implant systems. i-Gen kits include membranes, flat abutments, cover screws, healing abutments and a hand hex driver.

ids was formed to provide a full suite of innovative tooth replacement products that will help achieve better outcomes for dentists and patients alike. Their products feature designs and technologies that provide shorter and more precise procedures, less recovery time, and enhance the relationships between dentists and their patients — all at more cost-effective price points. Their commitment to developing more solutions that help dentists provide more profitable and better results is the focus of everything they do. Innovation that delivers more for you and your patients. For more information, visit idsimplants.com or call 866.277.5662.

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