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AAP Foundation Seeking Donations to Create Mentorship Award in Honor of Dr. Connie L. Drisko

Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The American Academy of Periodontology Foundation (AAPF) today announced a new leadership mentorship award to commemorate Dr. Connie L. Drisko. The Dr. Connie L.  Drisko-Women in Periodontics Leadership Awards, aimed at increasing the numbers of academic women periodontists in leadership positions, are established to inspire young women to follow in Dr. Drisko’s footsteps.

Connie L. Drisko, a legendary leader in periodontics, dean emeritus at GRU and an alumna of the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM®) program, was very passionate about women’s leadership and their important role to Academic Health Center and Periodontics. She began her career as a hygienist for 16 years before earning a dental degree and later becoming a board certified periodontist. Among her many accomplishments, as a former Dean of the College of Dental Medicine at Georgia Regents University, Dr. Drisko oversaw construction of a new-state-of-the-art clinical facility. One of the largest of its kind that opened in 2011, it includes 316 clinical operatories, simulation labs, and clinics for junior and senior students.

“Dr. Drisko was an exceptional leader and educator who left a memorable legacy for future generations,” said Dr. Vanchit John, President of the AAPF. “Connie’s great passion for people and for the specialty of periodontics was evident to everyone she met. This award is an acknowledgement of her untiring advocacy for dentistry and dental education.”

The Hedwig van Amerigen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) program was established in 1995 to develop a national pool of qualified women candidates for leadership roles in academic medicine, dentistry and public health.

The partnership between ELAM and the AAPF in the AAPF Drisko- Women in Periodontics Leadership Awards was created to encourage young female periodontists to become effective leaders in academia. In addition to a monetary cash award, this partnership is offering an exposure to ELAM alumnae that will mentor and guide the young awardee through her initial steps in this process

The ELAM alumnae participating in this program will be hosting the award recipient at their academic health center. During that day the Drisko Young Leader Awardee will have the opportunity to meet with an ELAM alum and other senior women leaders on her campus to observe, interact and discuss some of the key topics related to leadership in academia.

The Drisko-Women in Periodontics Leadership awards includes 2 awards.

The AAP Foundation-Drisko Young Leader Award will be offered to third year female residents enrolled in an accredited US periodontal graduate program that are committed toward leadership in academia and been nominate by their program director. 

In addition, to recognize and encourage future ELAM alum to become mentors, a monetary cash award, The AAP Foundation-Drisko ELAM®  Fellow award, will be offered to Full-time female periodontal faculty already accepted into the ELAM fellowship program.

AAPF is currently seeking contributions for the awards, which requires $250,000 in funding before it can be started. Donations with a note indicating the gift is for the Drisko Fund can be made at:

or mailed to:

AAP Foundation

c/o Delaware Place Bank Lockbox 845

190 East Delaware Place

Chicago, IL 60611

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