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Precise-Fit™ Showcased at ECDL

Posted on Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Concord, North CarolinaValplast International Corporation exhibited new Valplast finishing and polishing products and its pioneering work in digital workflows for RPD’s at the Eastern Conference of Dental Labs, in Concord, North Carolina, November 6th and 7th. Justin Marks, CDT presented a technical lecture entitled “Removables Enter Digital Dentistry”, highlighting the benefits of a full digital workflow for removable partials and giving an overview of CAD/CAM techniques for Valplast® partials and cast metal frameworks.

Labs who have become accustomed to outsourcing their frames can save a huge amount and increase profits by using digital prototyping and bringing the casting back in-house.” (Justin Marks, CDT, President, Master-Touch Dental Laboratories, Inc.)

With the efficiency, precision, and accuracy of the Precise-Fit™ technology, dental laboratories can expect an increase in removables volume. The state of the art techniques for fabricating Valplast® and cast RPD’s from digital impressions or model scans reduce fabrication time and in many cases result in shorter treatment turnaround in fewer appointments.

Valplast is more than a flexible partial product.  We have over 60 years of innovation working toward an optimal patient experience with removable restorations.  Precise-Fit™ is the next generation bringing the digital workflow to flexible as well as metal partials.” (Peter Nagy, CEO, Valplast International Corp)

About Valplast International Corporation

Valplast International Corporation was founded in 1959 by Arpad F. Nagy and Tibor F. Nagy and became a pioneer in removable flexible partials. With the creation and development of the Valplast® resin, introduced at Master-Touch Dental Laboratories in 1953 and still used today, the Nagys were able to offer the dental industry an effective method for constructing partial dentures.

About Precise-Fit Services International

Precise-Fit Service International from Valplast, is a revolutionary digital workflow application with rapid prototyping for partial denture baseplates, each designed by expert Valplast technicians at the Valplast headquarters in Westbury, NY. This unique service allows Valplast technicians and prescribing dentists to draw upon our decades of experience in designing fully functional, aesthetic partial dentures in Valplast® for virtually any partial denture case.  

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