Nobel Biocare’s implant manufacturing facility to be featured on “How it’s Made”

Posted on October 9, 2013

On July 12th at 9 PM EST The Science Channel will air a segment on how Nobel Biocare dental implants are manufactured. The top rated show “How it’s Made” has featured Nobel Biocare manufacturing before, back in 2010, when they visited the NobelProcera™ manufacturing facility in Mahwah, New Jersey to find out how a dental crown is made. For this episode the production team traveled to Yorba Linda, California to see how a titanium rod goes through the manufacturing process to become a dental implant. The show airs on the Discovery Networks in 180 countries and in 13 different languages.

How It's Made website; https://science.discovery.com/tv/how-its-made/#fbid=l3gyz4fI_5P

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