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Special Issues
March 2019
Volume 0, Issue 0

Fast, Easy Denture Design Software Is Here

3D printing dentures in-house becomes more viable

By Jeremy Wohlers, CDT

I was really excited when Kulzer called me near the end of 2018 and asked me to beta test the new Pala Design Studio. I immediately wanted to use it and push it to every limit I could find and every boundary they gave me. CAD/CAM technology for removables is evolving rapidly, and user-friendly, fast software programs like this one will change the industry.

Pala Design Studio is quick and gives me control over where I set the teeth. I can do a denture setup and individualize it without needing to know the complex intricacies of some of the more popular CAD software. It is very easy to manipulate the teeth, and I can create characterized setups for an upper and lower denture and download the files within only about an hour to print. And within the next hour, I can have a full printed denture.

For a small laboratory like mine, speed and ease of use are huge. The more complex denture design software modules are very good, but that level of complexity is only necessary for the most challenging cases. For the routine cases such as immediate dentures that are our bread and butter, I just need software that is easy and quick.

With Pala Design Studio, in 1 day I can set six full dentures-upper and lower-and print four of them. That is a significant number for a one-man laboratory where I handle shipping, receiving, and everything else myself.

The software is completely open, meaning I can use it not only for cases submitted via the Pala Digital Denture impression system but also for cases that arrive with models and bite rims. Kulzer offers the full package now with its scanner, design software, and printer, but all of those products integrate well with other systems as well, giving users plenty of freedom.

Additionally, the software is free to use, as I only purchase my downloads. It is web-based, so there is no need for a dongle. Once a design is finalized, I pay a minimal fee to download the file for printing.

Pala Design Studio  completes my in- house denture system. I am able to scan, design, and print same-day dentures easily, which is truly transformative for my laboratory.

• Manipulate teeth quickly and easily
• Open software allows anyone to utilize it, regardless of hardware
• No upfront costs to use the software; only minimal download fees for each case

About the Author

Jeremy Wohlers, CDT
Esthetics in Function Dental Lab
Yakima, WA

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