Resource Center | Removables


Learn more about why materials are important to digital dentures!

Why is choice of material important?

This blog by Ivoclar explores why material choice is important to digital dentures. 


Learn more about digital integration and removable prosthetics!

What is the impact of digital integration?

See what these industry leaders said about its impact on removable prosthetics!


Learn more about how digital denture fabrication can work for your lab!

How has digital denture fabrication impacted the lab industry?

This eBook presents two case examples and insights on how you can put digital denture fabrication to work in your lab.


Learn more about AvaDent Connect software and how you can have more control!

How can you have more control over the digital design process?

AvaDent provides the Connect software, providing predictable outcomes. Check out the different software solutions!


Learn more about to effectively communicate technical needs when using conventional or digital denture workflows.

How can you communicate technical needs better to improve outcomes?

This Masterclass covers both conventional and digital denture workflows and the language necessary to communicate effectively. 

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