The first step of a CAD/CAM process is digitizing case information, whether via intraoral impressions or desktop scanning. On both fronts, accuracy and speed continue to improve while price points become more affordable. A trend toward open systems has given laboratories more freedom than ever in selecting the best scanner for their workflow. Make this product page your resource for comparing the various intraoral and desktop scanning options on the market.

Don’t have a scanner? Not a problem! Straumann's CARES® Scan & Shape Service for dental laboratories provides CDTs access to CARES prosthetics without an in-lab scanner.
The E4K 3D Scanner is fast, compact, and easy to use, with reliable performance at a reasonable price.
DOF’s Freedom introduces unique moving camera technology with Stable Scan Stage (SSS) method to deliver both great productivity and usability to users along with highly accurate scan data.
Medit’s Identica Hybrid is our fastest and most accurate scanner. With Medit's new flexible multi-die, a 3-axis scanning arm for auto-double impression scanning and updated software, it sets the new standard for scanners.
inEos® X5 is the only robotic scanner for the laboratory. The 3D scanner features a unique robot arm, triple-tray scanning capabilities, innovative model positioning, and the latest scanning technology.
Engineered to be portable, powerful, and intuitive, the iTero™ Element represents iTero’s continued investment in clinical precision and patient satisfaction.
The Maestro 3D Desktop Scanning System creates highly accurate 3D scans quickly and affordably.
The Megabio ARUM HD is a premium 3D dental scanner that operates with the Stable Scan Stage Method and uses white light technology through two 2.0 megapixel cameras.
Zahn's Novux NX100 stands for a high degree of operating comfort and high-resolution scan data, which are created using strip light projection.
Aurident's DS 6000 Scanning Software improves productivity by providing a high level of automation for individual or batch scans.
The ORIGIN Intelligence HD is designed for accuracy, speed, simplicity, and ease of use — minimizing the learning curve and maximizing productivity.
Planmeca PlanScan is a powder-free system that utilizes blue-laser technology to capture high-quality data for more precise prosthetics.
Jensen's compact Preciso S200 3D scanner is designed for small to medium sized dental laboratories and delivers high performance and unparalleled accuracy, all at an affordable price point.
The fully automated S600 ARTI optical structured-light scanner has twin cameras that are adaptable to all articulator types, a beltless precision mechanism, a 360° rotational axis, and a 100° tilting axis.
With Silcox Dental's ScanBox Pro you can construct up to 32 units simultaneously per patient case.
The SHINING3D Intra-Oral 3D Scanner features reliable digital optical impression scanning technology for impression taking.
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