Millable Materials

From multilayer zirconia to high-performance polymers, the materials at a laboratory’s disposal when fabricating various types of restorations are seemingly limitless. However, only with a firm understanding can these materials be used to their fullest. Make this product page your resource for the latest millable zirconia, PMMA, ceramic, alloys, and more.

Zahn's Zirlux® 16+ offers dental labs a complete zirconia solution by combining unparalleled translucency and exceptional flexural strength to compliment the skills of a dental technician.
PREMIOtemp multilayer is an ultra esthetic PMMA temporary material that combines five layers of colors into one disc, giving the restoration the most natural look possible.
Prettau® Anterior® zirconia material has the same translucency as lithium disilicate, while possessing a much higher flexural strength (670 MPa).
Shofu's Trinia provides the solution for metal-free dental prosthetics.
From highly translucent zirconia for monolithic full-contour restorations or substructures, to PMMA burnout materials, to wax, VeriCore Milling Discs offer a wide variety of materials and sizes for multiple applications.
VITA North America's VITA ENAMIC® is the first hybrid dental ceramic in the world that combines the best properties of ceramic and composite materials.
The Wax Press family has expanded to offer symbiosis between a strong and smoothly milled wax pattern, and a premium modeling wax for harmonious post-milled adjustments: the new Wax Press™ and Addition™ Waxes.
The stability of the wax composition of Yeti’s CAD/CAM Wax Blanks allows the milling bur to work in even the narrowest space, resulting in reduced chipping and better accuracy.
ZIRento™ Milling Discs from DistribuDent, Inc., are offered in a variety of shades and thicknesses.
Zirlux® Acetal is a millable acetal resin available in five shades with properties that closely mirror those of a natural tooth, making it a flawless solution for laboratories.
Zirlux Anterior Multi is a multilayered Zirconia with fully gradient shading that matches the incisal, dentin, and gingiva of dentition—making it suitable for anterior restorations.
Zirlux FC2 is a universal zirconia system consisting of five pre-shaded discs, layering ceramics and a dedicated stain and glaze system to ensure precise shade matching.
Zirlux NP is a Nickle and Beryllium-free, non-precious cobalt-based dental milling alloy.
Zirlux Temp is pre-shaded PMMA discs available in all 16 VITA classical shades for producing temporary restorations.
Zirlux Temp Multi is multi-layered PMMA discs available in five shades used to produce aesthetic and cost-effective temporary restorations.
Zirlux Ti is a Titanium grade material for precision-milling. The corrosion-resistant material provides durability and distortion-free fabrication.
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