Millable Materials

From multilayer zirconia to high-performance polymers, the materials at a laboratory’s disposal when fabricating various types of restorations are seemingly limitless. However, only with a firm understanding can these materials be used to their fullest. Make this product page your resource for the latest millable zirconia, PMMA, ceramic, alloys, and more.

Zahn's Zirlux® 16+ offers dental labs a complete zirconia solution by combining unparalleled translucency and exceptional flexural strength to compliment the skills of a dental technician.
Aurident offers a full line of stabilized zirconia products to meet the needs of any digital dental restoration.
The next evolution in zirconia restorations is here. Manufactured by Dental Direkt of Germany, cubeX2 Cubic Zirconia is a material breakthrough.
DENTSPLY is pleased to offer the new CELTRA® DUO (ZLS) high-strength glass ceramic milling block.
Heraeus Kulzer's Flexitime Impression Materials have been developed with clinically critical properties such as dimensional accuracy, detail reproduction and hydrophilicity, allowing for the highest precision of fit.
GC America's GC Initial LiSi is a member of the popular ceramic line of Initial, created for lithium disilicate frameworks with it’s specialized veneering ceramic design.
Jensen offers high-quality materials for every aspect of the digital restorative workflow: Imagine™ ZR (optimum translucency), Jensen XT ZR (high strength, unshaded/preshaded A1-D4), Jensen PMMA provisional, and Wax.
IMILL 98mm diameter titanium (Grade 5) and CrCo discs are ideally suited for high-quality custom frameworks, abutments, and hybrid bars.
inCoris™ TZI C pre-shaded zirconia blocks are indicated for extremely durable full-contour crowns, bridges, and implant crowns, and come in nine shades.
Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max CAD lithium disilicate (LS2) ceramic blocks now feature five Impulse shades, three Value and two Opal shades.
The new IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime, a high-strength, highly esthetic oxide ceramic material, faithfully reproduces the seamless progression of natural dentition.
Zahn's KATANA™ Zirconia ML Discs are the first gradational multi-layered, high-performance zirconia blanks in the dental industry and are available in C Light, D Light, and A White shades.
3M ESPE's Lava™ Plus High Translucency Zirconia system offers all-zirconia restorations that exhibit accurate and true colors without compromising strength or translucency.
Whip Mix’s popular Life-Like Presentation Wax is now in milling disc form.
Luminesse Shaded Zirconia, which comes in all 16 VITA shades, eliminates time-consuming dipping and drying cycles, reduces costs, and improves efficiency and accuracy.
Pekkton® Ivory high performance polymer (HPP) by Anaxdent, the latest generation of HPP, can be milled and/or pressed and is ideal for implant frames.
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