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XPLEX Base: The Denture Base Material Now Also Available as Disk

Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2023

To provide maximum flexibility, CANDULOR expands the XPLEX material families with three milling disks and a new bonding material.

High level of individuality and flexibility

The high-impact XPLEX material is now available as a disk for CAD/CAM-supported fabrication. Three denture shades are available (1, 5 and 34), which correspond to the shades of the existing XPLEX denture materials. The laboratory thus has the option of responding to the different preferences of the technicians, who are free to choose the method of completion. For analog processing, one can continue to work with the dual-application high-impact polymer and the respective hot or cold monomer components; for digital fabrication, the XPLEX Base denture base disks were developed.

Good material performance

The improved physical properties of the high-impact material offer high fracture resistance. In addition, the fracture resistance is significantly increased compared to conventional PMMA materials and the material impresses with low discoloration and plaque adhesion, good polishability and a good bond to denture teeth.


Next to the XPLEX Base disks, the TCR family is also being complemented with tooth-colored disks. With the combination of the TCR Mono and TCR Multi disks and the XPLEX Base denture base material, individual dental arches, tooth segments and denture bases can now be milled for the first time.

The use of XPLEX Bond is recommended for optimal bonding of the milled or prefabricated denture teeth to the milled denture base. This involves a PMMA-based autopolymerizing composite developed specifically for this family of materials.

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