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GuideMia Technologies, Inc and Dtg3d, LLC Announce Distribution Collaboration to Further Advance Digital Implantology and Orthodontics Solutions

Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2023

GuideMia, a California based company, is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Dtg3d, a New York based company with deep roots in the digital technology marketplace for the past 10 years. Dtg3d is well known for its success in both the United States as well as in Europe with a vast array of digital technology products and software. The partnership agreement will allow GuideMia to expand is already successful footprint in the digital dentistry space with digital orthodontics and implantology software. GuideMia is well-known throughout the dental market for having products, services, and software, including GuideMia dental implant planning and surgical guide software, guided surgical kit, GuideMia Orthodontic software for aligners, software for direct bonding guides, chairside orthodontic treatment planning software, GuideMia ADB direct bonding guides, as well as design services for surgical guides and clear aligners. GuideMia also has a software system GuideMia GTox to improve the communication, data sharing and collaboration in digital dentistry applications. “GuideMia is dedicated to the software, products and technological development of digital dentistry” says GuideMia CEO, Frank Gao. “This distribution partnership makes both organizations much stronger in their portfolios and the ease of software to assist Dr.’s as they plan cases with ease” says Dtg3D CEO, Dr. Robert Horowitz.”

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