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Formlabs Reveals How 3D Printing Streamlines Clear Aligner Production

Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Leading 3D printing company Formlabs announced how premium aligner manufacturer Modern Clear used dental 3D printing solutions to increase production throughput, making personalized aligners more affordable and accessible.

Personalized clear aligners were historically unaffordable, requiring intensive work and fittings during multiple appointments. With the mission to deliver the best quality, best aesthetic aligner at a low-cost for patients, Modern Clear chose Formlabs Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) 3D printers as the solution to revolutionize advanced, clear aligners production in-house. The company has 40 Formlabs Form 3 3D printers, a model designed with digital dentistry and orthodontics in mind, with the PreForm software to keep production running 24/7 from a single workstation.

With the Form 3, Modern Clear fabricated aligners with the smooth surface finish and no visible layer lines needed. This was possible due to the high-resolution printing it provides, as well as materials Formlabs created to enable dentistry and orthodontic companies to digitize while decreasing costs for the business and end-use products while printing at large scale. See below how Modern Clear’s Formlabs 3D printing fleet has enabled it to increase production to make aligners more accessible:

● Modern Clear has partnered with 16,000+ dentists and orthodontists to deliver personalized medical devices at an affordable rate

● They have served more than 150,000 patients worldwide

● The company has produced 3+ million 3D fabricated aligners thus far

● Modern Clear’s production throughput increased by up to four times

● The fleet operates with a 96% print success over more than 10,000 print jobs, providing reassurance that production is completed correctly and quickly.  

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