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Efficient Polishing of All-Ceramic Restorations in the Lab – NexxZr Shine

Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Sagemax is extending its CAD/CAM portfolio, adding an efficient all-ceramic polishing system: NexxZr Shine is a two-step diamond polishing system for the effective polishing of dental ceramics, e.g. zirconium oxide, aluminium oxide, lithium disilicate or glass ceramic. The dimensionally stable, diamond-infused rubber polishers convince users with their easy and efficient application. Additionally, they have a long service life and provide a true-to-nature lustre. NexxZr Shine creates a homogeneous surface with both monolithic and partially veneered restorations. There are three coordinated shapes for the optimum polishing of the different structures: Twist17, Turn18 and Tip5. The shapes are available in the grain sizes smooth (Step 1, pre-polishing) and gloss (Step 2, high-gloss polishing).

The universally usable diamond polishing paste NexxZr Shine Paste completes the assortment. It removes micro-scratches and leaves a smooth-as-glass surface with a high gloss.

With the introduction of these products, Sagemax offers every dental technician a suitable set for the final processing of dental ceramic materials, ensuring a precise coordination between material and polishing.

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